Former police officer still enjoys serving

By Angela Peacock

Geo Reynolds worked for 39 years in law enforcement starting off as a police officer for the US Army, and retiring as chief of police after 27 years at Eastern New Mexico University.

What’s your idea of a perfect day?
“Each day is perfect to me because its a day that God has given us. The sand may be blowing, it may be raining, the sun shining or it might snow, but we learn to accept it all.”

What’s your greatest individual accomplishment?
“There are several things I’ve accomplished throughout my life, but my favorite accomplishment is that I put my three daughters successfully through college and they are all still successful in the fields in which they work.”

Who do you admire the most?
“My wife, because she is my friend and has been my wife for 62 years.”

What’s your greatest fear?
“I’ve been afraid, but I don’t really have a fear.”

What was the hardest lesson you’ve had to learn about life?
“How to get along with other people, because we all have our own opinions about things and that’s all a choice we have.”

If you had the chance, is there anything in life you would do over?
“I feel like my life has been fulfilled and joyful, so there isn’t anything I’d wish to do over.”

What makes you happy?
“I get a joy out of helping people. It’s fulfilling to help others especially someone who is in need.”

Tell us about your first date:
“There had not been any other girls in my life that I was really serious about until my wife and I married. I met my wife at church, and after we started dating I knew she was the one immediately. I liked her style, her attitude towards things and how she got along with people.”

If money were no issue, what would you do to make the world a better place?
“Working with other people it comes from what we have laid out in front of us to do to work together to make the world a better place.”

Tell us about a happy time:
“I have been happy the biggest part of my life because I enjoy life and I have had a good life.”

What’s so great about your favorite sport?
“I played a little football 60-something years ago. I just love the sport of it and it’s the favorite sport I watch today. I guess since 1959 I don’t think I’ve hardly missed a game at ENMU because that’s when I started working there.”

What’s your favorite song?
“I don’t really have just one favorite song, but I love Southern gospel songs.”

What do you think about Portales?
“I love Portales. I think it’s a great place to be where we can walk across town and not be afraid. Although we have our ups and downs, that’s everywhere you go. Portales has some great people and some not so great, but I’m thankful I’ve had the opportunity to work with people because I’ve spent my lifetime working for people.”