PHS grads look forward to the future

Mike Linn

After years of education, Portales High School seniors finally were able to toss their graduation caps in the air, the age-old symbol that high school now can be viewed through life’s rear-view mirror.
Before they know it, the graduates will be looking ahead: attending college, finding a job, meeting new friends, shaking the world by its tail.
For valedictorian Jennifer Spotswood, the makings for success blossom from the seeds of high school graduation and the aspirations for the 115 PHS graduates are limitless.
“After all, there could be a future president in our midst or a Nobel prize winner or a parent that is filled with the lives of their children,” Spotswood said, in her graduation address Friday night at Eastern New Mexico University’s Greyhound Arena.
“Each one of us has the potential to do great things for our society,” she said.
But Spotswood went one step further and credited teachers for guiding the graduates through school and molding their education.
“Teachers are the ones who have helped us acquire that potential by giving us the keys to unlock the secrets of wisdom,” she said.
Maypole queen Krystal Trujillo echoed Spotswood’s sentiments and added that the friends made in high school will always be there for the PHS graduating class of 2003.
“We do not have to go through life alone,” Trujillo said in her farewell address. “Look beside you, these friends will be here for you, or even look to the heavens for strength and comfort. If you look deep down inside yourself, you will find one of the most strongest things on earth.”
After Trujillo said farewell, some graduates made the ‘03 symbol with their hands representing student pride and oneness. Others congratulated friends, and some sprayed “Silly String” in the air.
Following the ceremony, the graduates met parents and siblings with hugs. Many posed for photos and some even cried. But they all seemed to leave with a sense of accomplishment, evidenced by fancy lettering on the diplomas of every graduate of the Class of 2003.