Resident enjoys the business life

By Angela Peacock

Keith Jayne, owner of Domino’s Pizza in Portales, enjoys the things Portales offers, like the warm weather, but not spiders.

What was your most embarrassing moment?
“It was probably in the eighth or ninth grade, when right before I went into church I stepped into some dog (mess). I was sitting next to my brother and we were picking on each other during church; he kept trying to move away from me and then my mother moved over by me thinking we’d stop misbehaving. The smell was so bad the people in front of us were checking their babies diaper. Then we started laughing we had tears in our eyes, and after church the guy who was the usher for our pew came over and asked us if someone in our family had died. It was pretty embarrassing.”

What do you envision your life being like in 10 years?
“Hopefully I’m retired. After I retire I want to play a lot of golf and vacation to anywhere it’s warm because I hate the cold. That’s why I left New York — it’s too cold.”

When you were a kid, what did you think you would be doing as an adult?
“I thought I’d be doing construction with my Dad’s business.”

Who is your hero and why?
“My parents, because they raised seven children and are still happily married. My Mom stayed home and raised us while my Dad worked.”

Tell us about your greatest individual accomplishment
“Becoming a business owner at the age of 26.”

What is your greatest fear?
“My greatest fear would have to be spiders.”

What is your greatest hope?
“My greatest hope is to stay healthy and succeed in life.”

What is your favorite taste?
“Chocolate ice cream.”

What’s your favorite part about your job?
“My favorite part is actually coming to work because I enjoy the people I work with.”

What do you not like about your job?
“The fact that it’s open everyday of the week, because even if I’m not working, I’m always on call and sort-of working.”

Tell us about your first date:
“I was in high school. It was a dinner and movie thing, but it ended good. We dated for a while afterwards.”

What is your most prized possession?
“My family is my most prized possession.”