South County News June 11

Charlie Carmichael

To the friends and relatives on the death of Opal Hitt. She was born in the Longs area to Luna and Ethel Pruett on March 9, 1907. She attended school when Longs school was active, then in Dora, and later married Sid Hitt. They lived in the area for many years and they farmed. She also worked at the Dora School for many years before retiring and moving to Portales.
Sympathy to family and friends of Alma Atkins (Wilmoth), who died in California recently. She was born in Oct. 26, 1919, to Zenlth and Janie Wilmoth north of Dora. She was raised and went to school here before marrying John Atkins in 1940 in Roswell. They moved to Exeter, Calif., in 1945 and had lived there since. Her husband John still lives there.

Prayer concerns
•Kristie Leadbetter had more blood tests last week and the results show her kidneys are OK and functioning.
•Rosemary and Steve Kelly are ill.
•Ivy Hays still battling arthritis, and her son, Jim Wall, is being tested for cancer.
•Beth Oglesby, Hays’ daughter, of Goldsmith, Texas, fell off her back porch and broke her left leg.

Commodities will be distributed today and Thursday at Dora Fire station. There will be apricots, spaghetti, raisins, instant potatoes, flour mix, green beans and a frozen 3-pound package of ground beef. Bring proof of income and address.

Charlie Sez
Father’s Day is this Sunday, so remember, the best dads in the world are not those who buy you the best clothes, let you drive the “classiest” car and have the most money to spend, he is the man who lives in such a way he leaves you the best inheritance you can receive and have forever — a good name.
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