County has raised $10,000 for fireworks show

By Mike Linn

This year’s annual Fourth of July fireworks display will take place at dusk on Friday at the practice field across from Eastern New Mexico University’s Greyhound Arena.
The Roosevelt County Chamber of Commerce has raised nearly $10,000 for the show, according to executive director Pat Willis.
Since the show takes place on state property, alcohol is prohibited, Willis said.
“We’re sort of hoping people have barbecues and stuff at home and then come out for the fireworks,” Willis said.
Within city limits, certain fireworks are prohibited per ordinance. The ordinance bans fireworks that exceed six feet off the ground after being ignited and include bottle rockets, whistling rockets, Roman candles, aerial spinners and stick type rockets.
Fireworks may not be ignited within 50 feet of any gas pump or gasoline bulk station, or within 150 feet of any fireworks stand, the ordinance states. Also, igniting or throwing lit fireworks from the inside of a motor vehicle is prohibited.
The ordinance will not apply to the fireworks show provided by the Roosevelt County Chamber of Commerce.
The Roosevelt County Commission adopted the city ordinance in May within county limits in an effort to prevent fires that may start due to the mingling of dry weather, parched landscape and some of the more explosive fireworks. However, at today’s Roosevelt County Commission meeting, commissioners will discuss lifting the ban.
“In the last month we’ve (had) so much rain that there is really no danger,” Commissioner Dennis Lopez said on Monday. “Nothing is going to burn out there; we’ve had way too much rain.”