Fireworks to light up city

Mike Linn

A bang of bright fireworks will light up the Portales sky at tonight’s annual show in the field adjacent to Eastern New Mexico University’s Greyhound Arena.
The demonstration will begin at dusk and include a dazzling orchestra of 1,016 brightly colored fireworks in a 30-minute window, according to officials at the Roosevelt County Chamber of Commerce.
If you don’t have a calculator handy, that’s almost 34 mid-air explosions of independence per minute, a symphony for the retina, a tribute to our founding fathers.
And while the best place to view the vast array of sky-bound fireworks will be near the Greyhound Arena, much of the show is viewable within a few miles of the city, according to Lt. Lance Hill of the Portales Fire Department.
This is the first time the show has been at the university in a few years, Hill said.
Pat Willis, executive director of the chamber, said alcohol will be prohibited at this year’s event as the show is on state property.
“We’re sort of hoping people have barbecues and stuff at home and then come out for the fireworks,” Willis said.
Willis estimated that $10,000 had been spent on this year’s event that will include top-of-the-line and cutting-edge displays.
Alan Silvers of Desert Star Pyrotechnics in Clovis will be putting on the display.