Hubert Morgan, a real estate agent and avid golfer, had this to say about one of his favorite hobbies:
•“I love golf because I get to be outdoors.”
•“You’re always trying to play your best game; it’s a competition with yourself.”
•“I like playing with friends.”
•“I love my 5 wood. I’ve hit some spectacular shots with it.”

Sandi Halligan, a senior at Eastern New Mexico University and employee at the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Department, had this to say about her job:
•“I like the people I work with.”
•“I like the job because it is geared toward my degree in psychology and criminal justice.”

Justin Husted, an outdoor trustee, had this to say about his job:
•“It’s tough working outdoors because of the heat.”
•“I can’t wear shorts.”
•“I don’t get paid very much.”