More businesses could get in on ENMU discounts

By Mike Linn

More Portales business owners may soon begin offering college student discounts, besides just cheap rent and weekly deals on pizza.
Officials of the Associated Students of Eastern New Mexico University (ASENMU) are seeking to partner with local businesses in a project that would offer college students established discounts of 5, 10 and 20 percent off regular prices.
Bob Cornelius, ENMU student president, wrote letters distributed to more than 90 local business owners seeking their support in the project.
“This idea is new and it is to the benefit of you as a business owner and the students at Eastern New Mexico University,” the letter states. “I want to help them (students), as well as boost business for our local community.”
Anna Foster, public relations director of the Roosevelt County Chamber of Commerce, said some business owners already offer student discounts. And she expects this proposal may help add an additional 50 local businesses to the list.
The partnership not only improves relations between the Portales community and ENMU students, but will also persuade students to shop in town rather than traveling to Clovis, Amarillo and Lubbock, Foster said.
“The students want to be a part of Portales and they want Portales to be a part of them,” Foster said. “This will help local companies get the business of ENMU students and it will make Eastern feel like the city cares about them.”
Foster said one of the bigger gripes from local students is that the city should be more involved in university endeavors and activities.
The discount program will consist of three levels: Green Ribbon donors offer 20 percent off, silver ribbon donors offer 10 percent and white ribbon donors offer 5 percent.