Best of the county can be baked, canned or painted

PNT Staff

PNT Staff
Whether you have an eye for images and snapshots, you’re handy with a paint brush or you just enjoy harvesting tasty produce, the fine arts category of this year’s Roosevelt County Fair may be worth an entry of your finest productions.
With an array of categories to choose from, fair officials are inviting everyone to compete.
“We think there’s enough categories for everyone, and hope everyone decides to enter in at least one competition,” said Connie Moyers, Roosevelt County Extension Home Economist.
With categories for every level of competitors, fair officials say inclusiveness is the key.
That way more people feel comfortable entering the various categories, fair officials said.
The following categories and general rules and guidelines are listed below:

General rules and guidelines
Exhibitors who enter any fine arts competitions must live in Roosevelt County and may enter no more than five entries.
Work must have been done by the exhibitor, even if painting was done in a workshop or a class. Professional artist’s work must have been done entirely by exhibitor without instruction or any form of critique by another individual.
All entries must be mounted and/or framed and ready to hang with wires (no toothed hangers).
Professional artist: is defined as someone who is a teacher or instructor (one who regularly teaches or holds workshops for pay); one who displays and sells work in galleries on a regular basis; one who makes a considerable amount of his/her income from the sale of artwork; or one who regularly accepts commissions to produce artwork.
Experienced artist: is defined as one who has exhibited and/or sold artwork occasionally and is working regularly as an amateur.
Beginning adult artist: is defined as one who has painted less than two (2) years only for pleasure at his/her leisure and with little training.
Adults: is defined 18 years old and above and not in public school.
Best of Show must be an original painting. Artist cannot use subject matter from paintings or photos other than their own. They cannot have any help or instruction from any other individual.
Special rules for 1st through 6th grade: No color book pages, tracings, computer imaging and the like will be accepted for competition.
People’s Choice Award ribbon only for Adult and Jr/High School. These awards to be announced when ballots are tallied Friday evening at the close of the day.

Art Show
Artist divisions include professional adult; experienced adult; beginning adult; high school and Jr. high school.
The categories are abstract art with crayon or magic marker; animal portraits with oil or acrylics; birds with pastel; floral; landscape with pen, ink, pencil or charcoal; miniatures; portraits with watercolor, tempura or gouache; seascape and still life.

Flower Show
Entries for the flower show are taken 9 a.m. — 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday at the Youth Building
Categories include: individual flowers (annuals; perennials; roses; bulbs, rhizomes, tubers; ground covers; shrubs and vines; potted plants; seeds, pods, foliage and succulents; and wildflowers). And artistic arrangement.

Food Preservation
Each exhibitor will be assigned an exhibit number which will be placed on a sticker attached to the top of each jar.
All entries must be brand name canning jars (no recycled mayonnaise jars, etc.).
Jars must be pint size, except for jams and jellies, which can be pints. Entries that are not listed in the catalog will be entered in “Any other than above categories” unless there are at least three in that category. Then they will be entered and judged as a class.
Jars will not be opened. Please put rings on jars.
Canning that was canned after the 2002 Roosevelt County Fair can be entered in the 2003 fair.
The categories include: fruit syrups; fruits; fruit pie fillings; vegetables; pickles; relishes; preserves or jam; jellies; dried foods; fruit (soft spread); herbs and spices; leathers; and vegetables (soft spread).

Handiwork Open Class
Apply in the following categories: handiwork; infant garments; crochet; crotchet Afghan; knitting; knitted Afghan; needlepoint; pillows; pictures; wall hanging; quilts and bedspreads; persons 65 – 75; persons 76 – 85.

There are a few special rules in this category. All entries in this department must be products of Roosevelt County and must have been grown during the crop year 2003. Plates will be furnished at time of entry.
The following categories apply: vegetables; fruits and berries; herbs; grain and seeds; heads or ear corn; sheaf small grain; sheif corn and sorghums.

Junior Open
This class is open to any resident of Roosevelt County who is 18 years or under. Entries will be accepted from noon to 6 p.m. on Tuesday in the Youth Building.
The following categories apply: sewing; needlework; leather craft; woodcraft; miscellaneous; baking; cookies; quick breads.

Entries must be original and the work of the exhibitor with the original exposure made during the last 24 months.
Photos will be judged from three classes: amateur, professional and children 16 and under.
Definitions of Categories:
l Portrait — Photographs with people or animals as the primary center of interest
l Pictorial — Landscapes, buildings, etc.
l Candid — Unposed wedding, people, animals, etc.
l Sports — Photographs related to a sports event
l Floral — Photographs with main subject being flowers
l Special Effects — Photographs produced with electronic imaging
l Any Other — Photographs not falling into one of the above categories.

Senior crafts
Senior Division — 19 Years and Older
The following categories apply: pictures; flower arrangements; jewelry; barrettes; T-shirts; clay or bread dough; toys (Must be Hand Crafted); Christmas tree ornaments; Christmas decorations; macrame chairs; dolls; baskets; book covers; button covers; miscellaneous; recycled; lamps; wreaths; plastic canvas.
The following categories are for senior adults (must be over 75): bookmarks; pictures (must be ready to hang); flower arrangements; jewelry; Christmas tree ornaments; book cover; miscellaneous.

Tole and Decorative Painting
The following categories apply: tole and decorative painting; medium ink; medium water color; painted home accessories and wearable art; wearable art; home accessories.

Woodworking and Metal Art Department
The following categories apply: relief carvings; three dimensional carvings; small handmade objects (natural finish); small handmade objects (painted finish); large furniture (natural finish); large furniture (major areas painted); machine made objects (natural finish); machine made objects (painted finish); marquetry (inlaying); other areas; metal art.
Source: Roosevelt County Fair Book