ENMU to honor victims, heroes

PNT Staff

Students and faculty will gather at noon on Thursday for a 20-minute ceremony honoring the heroes and victims of 9/11 at Eastern New Mexico University’s campus fountain.
The memorial service is a product of the Multicultural Affairs Office and will include a tentative Cannon Air Force Base F-16 fighter jet fly-over and a performance of the Star Spangled Banner by the ENMU Swanee Singers.
This is the third annual 9/11 memorial ceremony at ENMU.
“The ceremony is good to keep the issue alive in the students’ minds so they know something about it,” said Anthony Schroeder, a professor of communications at ENMU.
On Thursday evening Schroeder will join five other ENMU professors from 7 – 9 p.m. in the Becky Sharp Auditorium for a panel discussion on 9/11 and its impact on America, from its effect on the budget to privacy issues.
Schroeder will discuss how the nation’s security challenges clash with citizen privacy. For example, somebody who checks out a book on how to make a bomb at a public library may be monitored by organizations protecting and enforcing the nation’s security.
Furthermore, political science assistant professor Sue Strickler will discuss how President George Bush has spearheaded the war on terror and his recent $87 billion budget presented to congress to fight terrorism.
“Part of the civic debate in the relationship between congress and president is he has to ask for that money, and congress should not just rubber stamp that and give it to him — they need to ask some questions to be responsible in their appropriations process,” Strickler said.
Everyone is welcome to attend both the discussion and the ceremony, said Nancy Varelas, senior student advisor for Multicultural Affairs. Varelas expects about 500 people to attend the noon memorial.