New female deputy first in 100 years

Tony Parra

A female deputy sheriff is on patrol for the first time in 100 years at the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Department, according to department executive secretary Bekki Hall.
Natalie Broglie earned the deputy position on Sept. 17. She is currently training for the position, and will be a full-fledge deputy after two weeks of orientation.
“She was the best candidate for the job from the applicants,” Sergeant Richard Short said.
Even though a female deputy is rare, Broglie said she’s treated equal to her male co-workers.
“I’m happy to be here,” Broglie said. “They (Deputy Sheriff men) treat me as if I’m one of the guys.”
Short agreed, but added she won’t get any special treatment or easy assignments because of her gender.
“There won’t be any different treatment between the way we treat her and the way we treat the male deputy sheriffs. She’s expected to do the same things that they do,” Short said.
Broglie worked one year as a police officer for the Portales Police Department before taking the deputy sheriff’s position. Broglie was also a dispatcher three years ago, then decided to become a police officer.
The path took her to the police academy in Hobbs and she worked as a Portales police officer in for one year before she was selected as a deputy sheriff for Roosevelt County.
“The law enforcement part of it is very similar to when I was a police officer,” Broglie said about the adjustment to the new position. “The difference is that I’ll need to learn the county aspect of it. The difference is the sites and it is a bigger area to cover.”
The Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Department’s history dates back to 1903. In all the sheriff’s department employs 10 deputies and a sergeant.
“I knew them all, and I never had any problems with them (the male deputies),” Broglie said.
Broglie is the newest of the 10 deputies but Short says that a couple of others have been on the job for only a couple of months.
Broglie was born in Kaui, Hawaii, and moved to Portales seven years ago.