Portales-based band hits No. 1 on Mexican music chart

Helena Rodriguez

A new record label and a new singer, but an old song, have helped a Portales-based Norteño music band land the No. 1 spot on Billboard magazine’s Regional Mexican music chart.
The band, Los Huracanes del Norte – who live on a ranch at the Midway Convention Center, between Portales and Clovis – have reached the No. 1 spot with their song “No Mas Por Tu Culpa” off of their album “En El Tiempo,” which was released this past summer. It is only the band’s second time in their 30-year musical career to land the No. 1 spot. They have not had a No. 1 hit since “La Musiquera” in 1979, according to band member Guadalupe Garcia.
The six-man group is also ranked No. 15 on World Latin Charts, which is compiled by Top40-charts.com and tracks Spanish music in the United States plus six Latin American countries.
“It was a variety of things that made this song No. 1,” Garcia, saxophone player for Los Huracanes, said. “The lyrics were very good. Another thing, it’s our first album with Univision Records and I think it was also because of one of our newest members, Jose Luis Mejia, who sings the song.”
Mejia is from Tamulipas in Mexico and is a childhood friend of one of the band member’s sons. Mejia also plays the accordion.
“The timing was also right,” Garcia continued. “We put all of our effort and energy into every album we do, but we just never know what is going to happen. It’s like pulling a slot machine. You pull it enough times, then you get those three sevens.”
Garcia said “No Mas Por Tu Culpa,” a Salvador Serna Del Rio song which means “Because of You,” is definitely a tequila kind of song.
“It’s the kind of song, that if your heart is hurting, it is for you,” he said.
The video for “No Mas Por Tu Culpa” was filmed in New York City’s downtown Manhattan area.
Manolo Gonzalez, the senior vice-president for Regional Mexican Music and National Promotions with the Univision Music Group, congratulated Los Huracanes in a press release and wished them many more No. 1 songs for years to come.
“It makes us proud that after a long and successful career spanning over three decades, Los Huracanes del Norte finally get to see the fruits of their hard work and occupy the position they very much deserve in Regional Mexican music,” Gonzalez said in the press release.
Los Huracanes has had several songs which made the Top 10 in its category over the years, including “El 911,” “El Gato de Chihuahua” and “La Cruz de Madera.”
Los Huracanes has recorded more than 40 albums and was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award in 2002 under the Best Norteño music category. Norteño is a form of regional Mexican music popular along the U.S.-Mexican border and is dominated by the accordion and saxophone.
The band has won several regional awards, including Mexico’s coveted El Heraldo Award, but Garcia said, “There’s different things you get along the years, gold records, gold stars and all that, but the most important thing is the public. The best award is the people who want and seek out our music.”
Members of Los Huracanes are brothers Guadalupe “Lupillo”, Heraclio “Rocky”, Jesus “Chuy” and Francisco “Pancho” Garcia. New additions include Antonio Garcia and Mejia.
The band appears regularly on many top Spanish television shows. Garcia said they are currently working on an album with the famed Don Francisco of Univision TV’s “Sabado Gigante” show. The album will benefit Latino children along the Mexican border.