Furniture store raises money for breat cancer research

Tony Parra

The First Annual “Sit On It To Win It” fund-raising competition raised a healthy ammount of money for the American Cancer Society for breast cancer research over the weekend.
The fund-raising competition raised more than $6,700 for breast cancer research, according to Dorothy Nelson, American Cancer Society Community Development Manager for Eastern New Mexico. The donations from the “Sit On It To Win It” raised $6,222 and the rest came from a percentage of sales that was donated by Valley Furniture.
“To say I was real pleased is an understatement,” Nelson said on Monday. “What a generous gesture from Scott Davis (manager of Valley Furniture) and Valley Furniture. They came up with the idea and put on the whole thing. He was encouraging.”
There were four people scheduled to participate in the event.
“It was awesome,” Davis said. “I didn’t really set any kind of benchmark, but I would have been happy with us raising $3,000. I can’t say enough about the hard work and dedication from our participants.”
The participants had to sit on a couch and love seat from Friday at 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m on Saturday. The contestant who lasted the longest, Troy McCollum, won a couch and a love seat. Runner-up Laurie Bohm won a recliner. Mandi Parks won a recliner for third place and Dan Short won a surround-sound system for fourth place.
There were four participants who were able to go the distance and the tie caused promoters to choose the candidate who raised the most money through donations.
“They did a great job of dialing the phones and raising money. They had to be 33 1/2 hours away from their families and with no sleep,” Davis said. “And the community responded in kind (with donations).”
“It’s for a great cause,” Davis said on Thursday. “We don’t mind helping.”
Davis is considering hosting the event next year because of the success.
The American Cancer Society also has “Relay for Life” during the year to raise money.