PFD seeks credit, donated fire truck

Tony Parra

The Portales Fire Department and county commission meeting dates are some of the top topics in today’s city hall and Roosevelt County committee meetings.
Resolution 03-04-15, superseding resolution 01-02-19 will be presented during the city hall council meeting. The resolution is for authorizing five additional credit cards for the Portales Fire Department’s use.
Portales Fire Chief Steve Beaty said that the credit cards will be given to new employees of the Portales Fire Department in case of business emergencies.
“They’re (credit cards) for medical transfers,” Beaty said. “In case we are transferring a patient to Lubbock and we have engine trouble or a blown tire, the employees can use the credit cards for those expenses. Many places don’t take purchase orders.”
According to Beaty, approximately 23 employees will have the credit cards once the five are authorized.
“Each employee will track it (credit card) and what they spent it on,” Beaty said. “We verify the receipts and make sure they were used properly.”
The Portales Fire Department will be donating a 1979 pumper fire truck to the Arch Fire Department, Beaty said.
“It’s being declared surplus and we’ll be donating it to the Arch Fire Department,” Beaty said. “It’s mostly for structure fires than it is for grass fires. The city council needs to declare it surplus before we can donate it to the Arch Fire Department.”
The city hall meetings offers a chance for new business to make presentations to the mayor and city council, but Veda Urioste, city administrative assistant, said that there are no businesses set to make presentations today.
She did say, however, that 583 letters where sent out to current businesses for their business renewal registration. The fee is $35 and the deadline is March 16.
One of the topics for the Roosevelt County Commission will be the scheduling of 2004 meetings. Some of the Roosevelt County commission meetings have been moved back a week due to conflicts with election dates.
The Roosevelt County commission meetings are generally the first and third Tuesdays of each month. The mill-levy elections for Elida and Floyd take place on Feb. 3, which is the first Tuesday of the month. June 1 conflicts with the primary elections and Nov. 2 conflicts with the presidential elections.
“We are working around the election dates,” Roosevelt County Clerk Joyce Fraze said, referring to herself and Roosevelt County Administrator Charlene Hardin. “This is going to be a busy election year. I try to update the city council on the elections and we have training sessions in February. A couple of us have to go to Santa Fe for the training. In March we have training on the new software that the county purchased. March 16 is the only date candidates can file if they are going to run for county offices.”
All of the three commission meeting dates have been moved back a week to the following Tuesday, Hardin said.
The meeting on Jan. 20 was also pushed back to Jan. 27 because it conflicts with a mid-winter legislation conference on Jan. 20-21 in Santa Fe.
“We (Roosevelt County officials) have to be there for the New Mexico Association of Counties’ meeting when state legislature opens up,” Hardin said. “This gives us a chance to meet with our state legislators.”