Principal pursues selflessness

Lindsey Middle School Principal Todd Morris likes to play golf and watch the reality hit “Survivor.” The Ruidoso native also enjoys influencing the lives of youngsters, Florida State University football and helping Nick Brady call Clovis Wildcat football games on the radio.

Name: Todd Morris

Job: Principal at Lindsey Middle School.

Age (and birth date): 33 (Nov. 15, 1970).

Hometown: Ruidoso, currently Clovis.

Family: Married, one child 7 years old.

What do you think of Portales?
“I love Portales, it’s a great community! I love working and helping the future of Portales grow up to be the future leaders of this community.”

What’s your idea of a perfect day?
“Eighteen holes of golf at Pebble Beach with friends and family.”

What is your fondest memory of Portales?
“My college days at Eastern New Mexico University.”

Who’s invited to your dinner party and why?
“Einstein, Bobby Bowden, Bill Gates and my parents and family. The reason for first three would be to pick their brains and see what made these guys so influential in my life. Einstein for his knowledge, Bobby Bowden for his Faith, and Bill Gates for his forward thinking.”

Who are your favorite entertainers?
“Robin Williams and Mel Gibson (now).”

What is your favorite TV show, past and present?
“‘Survivor’ and ‘Jeopardy.’”

What’s so great about your favorite sport?
“The greatest thing about golf is that it is a mental and physical test of a person every time you play a round.”

What do you envision your life being like in 10 years?
“Still working in the public schools as either a principal or eventually superintendent.”

What is your greatest fear?
“Not living up to what God wants me to do for him in this world.”

What is your greatest hope?
“To beat Sheryl Keneipp at Ping Pong one day.”

What is your favorite smell?
“Fresh cut grass on a golf course.”

What would you like printed on your gravestone?
“Here lies one heck of a guy.”

What’s your theme song?
“‘If the Devil danced in empty pockets, he would have a ball in mine.’”

What is your favorite taste?
“Homemade Brownies.”

What do you like best about your job?
“My faculty and staff at Lindsey; they are the best around. The students are pleasure in my job, because it is all about the little people.”

What is the least favorite part about your job?
“Not enough hours in the day to complete everything and disciplining students.”

Tell us about your parents:
“My parents are my inspiration. They live in Ruidoso. My Mom is a registered nurse for an Urgent Care Facility and my dad is a teacher at Ruidoso High School. My parents are devoted to family and in everything they do everyday. My mother is the most giving woman I have ever come across. She would do anything for anyone. My dad is a pillar of control and understanding. He always there to listen to me or argue with me. I inspire to be as much like them as I can.”

Tell us about your first date:
“I can’t remember. I think it was with a girl named Brandi and we went to a movie?”

Tell us about your pets:
“I own the largest puppy on earth, which is actually 7 years old. His name is ‘Bogey’ (go figure).”

If you could do one thing and money were no object, what would you do to?

“I would go back to South Africa with my entire family and revisit all of the places and things I experienced when I lived there. After that trip, I would take my father to the Master’s Golf Tournament and play Pebble Beach all in the same week.

Who is your hero and why?
“My hero is truly my mother, because she helped instill in me the meaning of giving and not doing things just for personal gain. She is a woman who is more willing to give of herself then to sit and relax on what she has done for herself. Jesus would have to be a close second, because of what he did for all of us.”

Will the wind ever stop blowing in Portales?
“Probably not.”