March 4 Elida News

By Nita Thurman

Birthdays March 6 -12
Alisa Rice, Maria Chavez, Donald Graves, Kalyn Jasso, Shea Pettigrew, Debbie West, Jennifer Jorden, Thomas West, Lee Kirkpatrick, Cody West, Kay Wilson and Ashlee Thurman.
Fifth Sunday
The Methodist Church held their fifth Sunday luncheon and group singing last Sunday.
The group Desert Reign will hold a concert at the Elida Baptist Church on Sunday, at the evening services. Everyone is invited to come and share their music and fellowship.
Around Town
Ronald Anthony is still in the Lubbock hospital, but word is he is doing better; we received word that Thelma McDowell is much improved from her recent surgery and may get to come home sometime this week; Montie Cochrain is taking treatments on his lung at Lubbock each week; LaNita Dixon is ill and Kenneth’s brother is reported to be ill; Barney Chandler, who had been visiting his daughter Carolina in Las Cruces as well as grandchildren, said he is glad to be home. Others to keep on our prayer list are: The Graves’ family, the kings, our friends in area nursing homes, our overseas personnel, our leaders of town, state and nation.
Cody Cotton Bilbrey is letting all know she is available to do house cleaning locally. Her number is 274-6242.
Tanny Rinnie is doing bookkeeping and tax services. Her office is next to the beauty shop and her phone number is 274-6410.