IGA could see changes

Tony Parra

People expecting to buy their groceries from Hinton’s IGA this weekend instead found it was closed.
The glass windows were decorated with signs which read, “Closed for remodeling. Look for our grand opening.” Other signs said to go to C.J.’s Pillbox for prescriptions and to take a list of prescription numbers or empty containers to place the order.
There has been speculation over new ownership. Troy Hinton, the current owner, said he could not elaborate more on the speculations.
“I can’t say anything officially,” Hinton said.
Hinton directed questions to the speculated new manager, Tim Russell.
“The deal is not finalized,” Russell said. “I don’t think it would be very professional of me to comment at this time. I’ll be happy to give you more information once the deal is finalized.”
Justin Goins, the new manager of the Hilltop Savings Outlet in Clovis, confirmed Russell had been the manager of the Hilltop Savings Outlet until Saturday. Goins said Monday was his first day as the new manager of the Hilltop Savings Outlet.
IGA is located at the corner of W. 18th Street and Avenue D.