ENMU regents announce tuition hike

Tony Parra@link.freedom.com

Eastern New Mexico University officials announced a 6 percent tuition increase during the Board of Regents meeting Wednesday in Ruidoso.
ENMU president Steven Gamble said an increase of 6 percent to the tuition rate was approved by the Board of Regents members. Gamble said the rate is low compared to other universities, such as Texas Tech and New Mexico State University. The tuition rate is $1,776, according to the ENMU Web site.
“We (ENMU officials) feel it will be one of the lowest in the state and maintain the quality of education,” Gamble said. “We tried to keep as it low as we can.”
Gamble said NMSU announced an 8.7 percent increase in its tuition rate. A student taking fifteen hours, paid on average $1895.30 in tuition and fees in the fall of 2001 at Texas Tech University, according to the KCBD.com Website out of Lubbock. The number increased to $2,672,50 for the spring semester and in the fall the number will jump to $3,074, which is a 15% increase in total fees from the spring semester.
The Board of Regents meeting on Wednesday took place in the Ruidoso Convention Center where ENMU officials said leaders from the community showed their support for the transformation of the instructional center into an ENMU branch.
The meeting took place in Ruidoso because ENMU officials wanted to see what type of community support there was for the proposal.
“We discussed the schedule of the draft,” Ruidoso Instructional Center Director James Miller said. “There were about 40 community leaders there. They were very supportive.”
Miller said they will have a preliminary report for the Commission on Higher Education in the summer. He said CHE officials will have questions for Miller during the presentation of the preliminary report and ENMU and Miller will have to come up with a second draft to address the questions.
“We will have to come up with a 10-year budget and 10-year enrollment projection for the second draft,” Miller said.
Gamble said enrollment numbers will not be affected for the main branch in Portales.
“Portales is taking the lead on their proposal,” Gamble said. “We hope it will bring more students to the ENMU branch in Portales. We hope students go for their first two years to Ruidoso then transfer to the Portales branch.”
Gamble said students don’t think they can get what they need from the instructional center and choose to attend NMSU-Alamogordo instead.
In other business, the board:
l approved a 3 percent pay increase for faculty and staff, with no increase on room rates for residence halls and a 1 percent increase in the meal plan.
l elected Marshall Stinnett as the president of the board, Jay Gurley as the vice president and Tracy Henderson as the treasurer.