April 28 Dora News

By Charlie Carmichael

I noticed some wheat has come up and the fields are green since the recent rains on the Rogers road. It is amazing sometime how a field will blow and it is sort of a shock when the Lord sends showers and the seeds sprout and come up.

The Dora Church of Christ are having a revival. It started on Sunday and ends on Wednesday night. They had dinner and a fellowship in their fellowship hall on Sunday.
Lance Jones and wife, Jackie, were at the Baptist Church Sunday. Lance preached for our morning worship service — it was his first sermon. Jackie’s mother came with them. His grandparents, Buster and Juanita Jones were with us as was his brother and sister and her husband. It was good to see them all and have them come to worship with us. They are formerly of Causey.
On Sunday, Suzy Gayle of Roswell will be here to give her testimony and minister to us with music.

There will be an organizational meeting of Dora OARS Quilting Guild on May 6 at 10 a.m. in the Dora Community Building. This guild is being created to explore new techniques and promote excellence in piecing quilts for everyone, ranging from the beginners to the more experienced quilter. Anyone from Dora, or the surrounding communities are encouraged to come share the joy of creating lovely quilts. If you have any questions please call Linda Custer at 273-4203 for information.

Charlie Sez
Always strive for excellence, but leave perfection up to God — that’s His business in molding your life.