April 28 South County News

By Charlie Carmichael

Farmers are getting peanut and cotton seed ready to plant as soon as the ground warms up enough. The corn that was planted a week or so ago should be up by now and will be showing across the plowed beds soon.

Commodities trip
I took the commodities to the Country Junction last Thursday so those recipients could pick them up. It was a nice drive with everything so green. I visited with Barbara Teel for a while and nosed around in all the treasures from the past (antiques) and collectibles of time since then. There are a lot of artistic people bringing things there from all over this area and even other places. There is about everything from cast iron art to dainty things the women have brought in.
I can see why it’s growing more popular as time goes by. Incidentally, the Milnesand Post Office is in the back of the store just as it has been all these years.
Just across the street on the eastside of the 206 highway is their fire department and the Community Building. The Baptist Church is just across the paved road on the north. The Davis home is right behind the store on the west and the road to the east goes over to Bluit and on into Texas.
Bluit is still the “oil capital” of Roosevelt County, even though the production isn’t near what it was some 30-40 years ago. There are still wells producing but no new oil leases or drilling in several years.
Milnesand is best known for the local prairie chicken population. There are also antelope all over the area and quite a few deer. I guess the coyotes are taking care of the local rabbit situation. You seldom see a jackrabbit along the roads and there used to be plenty.

Charlie Sez
Saturday is May Day, and in 1931 our Empire State Building opened. On May 2, 1611 the King James Bible was out.