County commission to introduce gay marriage resolution

PNT Staff

All signs point towards the approval of a resolution of No. 04-06, prohibiting the issuance of marriage license to couples of the same sex in Roosevelt County in today’s county commission meeting.
Roosevelt County Clerk Joyce Fraze said originally, the commissioners were going to pass a ordinance to disallow the issuance of marriage licenses to same-sex couples, but she said it would take 30 days to pass the ordinance and they would need to advertise the ordinance and hold public hearings.
Instead, the county attorneys recommended a resolution. A resolution makes prohibits county clerks from granting marriage licenses, while an ordinance states that the clerk can be arrested for trying to issue a license.
Fraze said the state law currently reads, “a male and female applicant must sign the marriage certificate.”
“Personally, politically and spiritually, I don’t believe in it (gay marriages),” Dennis Lopez, Roosevelt County Commission Chairman, said. “I feel it should be a union between a man and a woman. We’re (commissioners) anticipating passing the resolution.”
Roosevelt County Commissioner Tom Clark, in the previous county commission meeting, said he was opposed to issuing gay-marriage licenses and fellow commissioner Paul Grider said he believed in the sanctity of a bond between a man and a woman.
“It’s (gay marriage) against God and nature,” Roosevelt County Commissioner Gene Creighton said. “I’ll vote to pass the resolution and I would vote to pass an ordinance, too.”
The resolution was also on the agenda for today’s Curry County Commissioners’ meeting. Curry County Clerk Mario Trujillo said they were discussing passing an ordinance, but decided on a resolution as well.