May 5 Dora News

By Charlie Carmichael

May is Osteoporosis Month and also Women’s Health Care Month.

National Day of Prayer
Thursday is National Day of Prayer. Our special prayers for our military, regardless of where they are, but especially those who are serving in Iraq: for God’s hedge of protection on them and those working there in the reconstruction of Iraq. Pray also for the people living there to find freedom in the one true God.
Also, for our leaders here and we as a nation to support our troops.
And, for the families who have lost loved ones as they serve our country.

Sunday is Mother’s Day. Remember your ,other while she is still around. Send a card, write a letter, make a call or go spend the day. Next year could be too late. A little TLC makes every Mother’s Day special.

Sunday morning Suzy Gayle was our guest for worship. She has a beautiful ability to deliver a message in song and a wonderful testimony of being healed of cancer.
Bro. Brad Morgan, pastor of the Milnesand Baptist, and the members who were not away all joined us for our worship service.

EMT Seminar
There was a four-day training and refreshing memory session taught in Ruidoso. There were people from Causey, Milnesand and Dora ambulance and fire departments all gone until Sunday evening. I don’t know just who went but we have real good, capable people who are faithful to the cause at each department.

To Parents
Attention to all who have students, there will be school on the next two Mondays. Those last two weeks are full of tests, etc., so be sure your students are in school.
The kindergarten graduation is 2 p.m. on Thursday in the Elementary II building.

Charlie Sez
Be careful of reading heath books you might die of a misprint! From Mark Twain.