May 19 Dora News

By Charlie Carmichael

Our area is no different than any given area in the world — some good news and some bad news. Now the problem with most reporters is the focus mostly on the bad.
I am going to do the good first. We are praising God for Nancy Tivis finally getting her liver transplant and is doing really well in Okla. She and J.R. will continue to stay with her sister there as long as a possibility of rejection of the liver.
Linda Bitick received a call real early Sunday morning from Mendi’s husband, Chip Thompson, and Mendi was being taken by ambulance to San Antonio for emergency surgery for an obstruction in her stomach. It was good news again, it was a short 20-minute repair surgical procedure to correct scar tissue growth causing the problem. She is doing fine also.

Valarie and Terry Don Watson’s family all drove to Post, Texas about 10 days ago to her mother’s for Mother’s Day. Tracey (Watson) Christoff and young son met them there. She has recently returned from Iraq after a year there in the service. Now her husband is over there for a while and so is Trish’s husband. Trish and the girls are still in Germany.

Birthday Celebration
The children of Mrs. Delbert (Verla) Brown invite all friends and family to join them in celebrating her 80th birthday. The come-and-go reception will be held on Sunday from 2-4 p.m. in the fellowship hall at Calvary Baptist Church in Portales. They request no gifts, but a note with a special thought or memory would be greatly appreciated. Mrs. Brown was a Dora graduate.

To the family of Ruth Evans, who passed away a few days ago following a long bout with cancer. She and Thurston raised their family on their farm just west of Dora. She will be greatly missed.

Today in Dora at the old C&S Station, 3-5 p.m.