June 2 Elida News

By Nita Thurman

Birthdays June 5th-11th
Baylee Paul Oder, Joel Crosthwait, John D. Anthony, Cheree Bilberry, Lela Jo Haladay, GE Peterson, Dan Howard, Ann Pettigrew, Tyler Boone, Teyhia Graves, Evelyn Rogers and Jayne Taylor.
Anniversaries: Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Anthony, Mr. and Mrs. Don Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Rogers and Mr. and Mrs. Teo Graves.

To those that went to the Elida cemetery this past weekend. And a special thanks to Carolyn and Tommy Holms for placing flags at our veterans’ gravesites.

The Thurmans enjoyed having their son, Bill, and wife Bonnie visiting this pas weekend.
Beth Hamilton shared the holidays with son, Brett, and wife Debbie from Austin, TX as well as local family.

Men’s Breakfast
The breakfast is set for June 12 at the Baptist Church at 7 a.m. All men are invited to join the meal and fellowship.
For those that are doing crafts at the Baptist Church in July they would appreciate anyone to donate any 12-ounce juice cans before July.
On June 13th, a youth group from San Antonio, Texas will be helping with the morning services.

Pot Luck
On June 13, the Tabor’s will be having a pot luck lunch at their home. All are invited to come and share the fellowship.

On June 15-17, Connie Dixon will be going to Indianapolis, Ind. for the Southern Baptist convention. Keep her in your prayers.
Shalie Anthony and Helee Best will be going to Greece this summer on mission work.
We hear that Harding Burris is now at home and feeling better.
Those for your prayer list are: Brian Tabor, Fred Anthony, Kent Winders, David and Delma Graves, the Thurmans and those in area nursing homes and our overseas personnel and the leaders of our nation.