June 9 South County News

By Charlie Carmichael

The area, along with the nation, are remembering our beloved actor/president, Ronald Regan. We can’t all pass by his casket to honor his life and pay our regards. However, we can sympathize with the family from our homes and also rejoice that he is now at peace in a far better place. We pray the Lord bless his family in these days of parting.

Mary Edna Luker was also laid to rest last week following a long happy life in this area. She and Walter raised their two girls here and Donna and Benny Victor are regular in our worship services at the Dora Baptist Church. He was a longtime deacon of our church. Our sympathy to all her relatives and many relatives and friends.

There have been several rattlesnakes killed on Weldon and Hershell Carmichel’s farms down southeast of Garrison. So watch out for them.

I received a call from Dustin Carmichael’s wife, Tina, on Monday night and she was all excited. She received a letter and certificate that she has been named on the National Deans Honor Roll. She didn’t know the University she attends in Houston had recommended her for the honor. She is studying to be a lawyer.
Tina was raised in the Baptist Children’s Home and graduated from Broad Horizons Educational Center.

Linda and Larry Bittick are in Crystal City, Texas on a week’s vacation with Mendi and Chip Thompson and Trate. Julia Waid and sons, Jareth and Seth of Roswell accompanied them down.

We missed the Taylor family in worship Sunday. Kathleen Taylor is our church pianist and was injured a week ago while riding her horse. We hope the family is able to be present Sunday.
Marion Turner gave a good message for us Sunday morning. He was accompanied down by his wife. Jereme Woodruff is teaching for Rick Wilcher in his absence.
Pray for our President and all officials. Our troops everywhere need our prayers as well as we need Christians everywhere to be strong and support our Nation and troops. We also need to pray for Israel to have peace and for Iraq as they plan to get organized real soon. May God Bless Us All.