Life is delicious

By Joan Clayton

When our youngest son graduated from high school, he walked across the stage, stopped and gave his Dad, the high school principal, a giant bear hug. The crowd cheered and I cried. 
Lane made life “delicious.”
My husband says I have Christmas every day, but one Christmas is forever engraved upon my heart. Emmitt took me in his arms and said: “Next to Jesus, you are my special gift.” 
What a “delicious” Christmas Eve for me.
On the second day of school a cute little second-grader came bounding in my classroom door with a bouquet of flowers. The card read: “Teacher, I love being in your class. Love, from Scott.” 
My school day became “delicious.”
Happiness makes life delicious. The happiest people are those who have things money cannot buy. They are rich in friends, family, love and faith. Time for thinking about oneself is unheard of. “Selfishness” is not in their vocabulary. 
Each day is exciting. Expect the best. Every day has a gift, just waiting to be opened. 
When our children were small they bounded out of bed before sunrise nearly every day. “We’ve got to hurry up and get to playing! We can’t waste time.” 
The adventures of the day brought bedtime early and when I tucked them into bed, they said “Let’s have a pillow fight to end this ‘delicious’ day.”
Life gives us special moments, glimpses of heaven. One may just be a fleeting moment. It may be an admiring glance from your husband across a room filled with people. It may be a single statement from your children, as mine often said to me: “Mommy, will you marry us when we grow up?”
I once saw a lady walking down the street. She stopped to window shop at a shoe store. Dancing shoes in the window caught her attention. She smiled, turned around and “two stepped” down the street. The scene blessed me. I didn’t need to ask her if she enjoyed life.
I loved every day of my teaching career. Children have a wonderful way of celebrating life. They savor the moment and completely lose themselves in making life delicious. Children filled my world with their amazing wisdom, as one of my students said one day, “The more it gets harder, the more we get smarter.” What a great application for life.
The world is full of such treasured moments. Take time to savor each one. Enjoy this delicious journey of life. Make each day precious. Live life to the fullest. Be aware of little things that mean so much. Speak love and appreciation to others.
Run in the rain and enjoy the wonderful aroma. Find lovely shapes in puffy white clouds. Marvel at the beauty of nature.  Arise early. Sit in the swing and listen to the mocking birds.  Join in their melodious praise. Watch children at play. Their reckless abandon renews your zest for living. Bless someone with a sincere compliment. You will find something good in everyone you meet.
God has a recipe for a delicious life. It is in his Word, the Bible.  Take “joy” in the Lord. It will increase your strength. “…Don’t be sad, because the joy of the LORD will make you strong”  (Nehemiah 8:10 NCV).
Blessing others makes life even more delicious because what you do for God is never wasted. It may be a simple encouraging note, a phone call, an errand for a shut-in or any number of seemingly small insignificant things, but blessings always return to the giver.
Life is such a great adventure. Look for life today. It is everywhere.
Can you feel it now? Can you hardly wait? Go ahead. Enjoy life because life is delicious!

Portales resident Joan Clayton is a retired teacher and published author. Her e-mail address is: