June 16 South County News

By Charlie Carmichael

The wheat is being harvested pretty fast these past few days. Sure hope it turns out a good report, considering how little rain we got in the area it is a miracle it is even worth combining.

Texans Visit
Two of Ivy Hays’ nephews are here from Atlanta, Texas visiting fro a few days. They are Larry and Joe Thompson. Larry is a supervisor of more than 16 custodians at a school there and Joe is retired. They have never been out this way before so they came to spend part of Larry’s vacation here. Ivy’s daughter, Juanita Woolam and her son Stan came over Monday to spend the day. They are from Lubbock, Texas.
Then that afternoon a grandson and wife, Rick and Belinda Wall, came over from near Dora for a while. Ivy and the nephews had supper Sunday with Rick and Belinda. So Ivy has had an enjoyable few days visiting and reminiscing.

The Douglas Toombs family has been here from down near Ft. Worth. They were doing some more toward getting moved on the Toombs ranch. Douglas is retired, so he wanted to come back to this area. They had to wait over longer than they had planned to due to the flooding and severe weather down their way. They finally got the word it was OK to come on Sunday.

The commodities are delayed a week. So they should be in our area in another week (June 23). I’m sorry for any convenience it may have caused, but we are never notified in advance about them. We just got the message they notified Golden Acres on June 9. They would be a week late so we assume they will be here on June 23 since they will be in Portales today.

Father’s Day
Father’s Day will be Sunday so we wish each of you happiness. Remember the best gift you can leave your family is a good name and knowledge of Jesus.