June 23 Dora News

By Charlie Carmichael

Rain, rain, rain! The heavens finally opened. The past week or so has been a little different weather-wise. The Lord has surely answered our prayers for rain. The first in the area was the first part of last week but too late for my news.
It was heavier in some areas, I think the most I know of then was up to near 2 inches in the Garrison/Causey/Lingo area. Then on Thursday and Friday it really came back from Rogers, Dora, Pep, Richland, Garrison, Causey Lingo, Hiway and Milnesand.
So everyone from south of Portales on in the county got up to 2 inches or so. There was some hail and very high winds.
Kerry Victor has been working on their home with repairs. He said it just about scared him to death when lightning hit his house the first time and sparks went all over the yard. Then it progressed even worse and lighting struck a second time taking electricity, phones out and ruined a TV and other things in the house. He said he kept watching the attic for signs of fire.
He had a tree near their home he had been trying to shove over or something for four years. Well, evidently, God sent a little twister and removed it for him that day. So that was a blessing out of it all. He didn’t know Sunday just the extent of lightning damage to the house. However, he said it removed four nails out of a place through the stucco and there are four scorched holes where they exited the outside wall.
He went to check on Virgil and Mary Blakley soon as the weather passed and their phone had been zapped also. There was a good rain all over and wheat was just about finished if not all harvested.
Mavis Carmichael reported the same wind — electrical storm and rain also, like in sheets, she said a little tiny hail right at first.
Charlie Sez: God said “If my people will repent — ask believing, He would pour out an abundance and He did.”