June 27 Public Record

The following certificates of marriage were recently filed in the Roosevelt County Courthouse:
• Javier Sanchez, 21, and Heather Green, 23, both of Portales.
• Roberto Valdez Jr., 24, and Carrie Gonzales, 23, both of Portales.
• Dane Womble, 22, and Karen Davis, 23, both of Portales.
• Clint Massey, 23 of Portales and Jennifer Luttrell, 21 of Dripping Springs, Texas.
• Joshua Jowers, 23, and Imelda Jimenez, 24, both of Portales.
• Terence Miller, 21, and Sheyla Ramsey, 20, both of Portales.
• Jesus Romano, 30, and Mary Lou Romano, 45, both of Portales.
• David Romley, 26 of Dimmitt, Texas and Esmeralda Estrada of Farwell, Texas.
• Jeffrey Perry, 26, and Brooke Mares, 30, both of Clovis.
• Christopher Gerry, 35 of Levelland, Texas and Terrilyn Copeland, 38 of Lubbock, Texas.
• Kerry Wallis, 39, and Kristin Ashcraft, 19, both of Portales.

The following criminal dispositions were recently filed in Roosevelt County District Court:
• Jason Mackey, 21, found guilty of possession of controlled substance, methamphetamine and possession of Drug Paraphernalia and will serve 18 months of supervised probation.
• Doni Bomar, 40, found guilty of firearm or destructive device by a felon and will serve 10 days at the Roosevelt Detention Center and 508 days of supervised probation.
• James Fogg, 62, found guilty of two counts of criminal sexual contact and will serve two counts of 364 days of supervised probation and shall not practice massage therapy while on probation.

The following criminal dispositions were recently filed in the magistrate court:
• Kevin Parker, 23, found guilty of driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs and speeding and will serve 90 days of supervised probation.
• Ernesto Salaz, 55, found guilty of aggravated driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor, leaving the scene of an accident and no insurance.