June 30 Dora News

More rain this past week and even more promised by the weather report for this week. The most I know of the past few days in Rodney Thetford, right in that area they have had more than three inches. It has been pretty general and I don’t know just how much north of Dora in the Rogers road.
The Inge farm land was a lake on Wednesday and again on Thursday. Wet, wet and more wet in Dora. Ivy Hays had a leak and Saturday night it became a downpour in her utility room. Her grandson, Jim Bob, and Tina Wall worked on it Sunday afternoon with a new roof, but it rained again so more damage so they are trying to get it finished today, Monday, before it rains more.

Smiles and Praises
Everyone seemed to be all smiles and praising God for answering all our prayers for rain.

New Families
There is a new family living in the Burkett house. J. B. and Mattie Wymbs and her brother Tommy Davis are living there working with the birds. We welcome them all to our area.
Joe and Ora Lee Howard have bought the home in Dora from Deana Forrer. They are moved in and doing some needed repairs. They used to live in the Floyd area so when they found this house was for sale, they just bought it for their home.

Moved to Clovis
Mikel and Beth Hays and son, Ian have moved to Clovis since school was out. I only learned of it a few days ago. They will be missed in our area and Ian will surely be missed in Dora High School. However, we wish them much happiness in their new location.

Charlie Sez
Never under estimate the power of prayer. Pray for our nation and all of our leaders and for the Iraqi people as they took over the leadership of their country on Monday morning. May God bless us all.