Garvey cited for accident

By Tony Parra

Dan Rideout of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for New Mexico said the case of a Garvey worker who fell from a Garvey processing plant elevator has been completed
Two citations were given to the Garvey Processing plant and they have complied, Rideout said.
Garvey Processing Vice President Lita Jimenez said she didn’t anticipate any citations in March in a PNT article and she had said it was the first time a worker had been seriously injured on the job. Jackson fell 47 feet from a grain elevator ladder on March 1st. Jackson underwent a 10-hour surgery after shattering his tailbone and vertebrae. He began his physical therapy shortly after at Covenant Medical Center in Lubbock.
Rideout said the Garvey Processing Plant received a citation for the ladder not having a cage around it and another for the high level of noise. Rideout said the citations were given out June 21 and Garvey Processing Plant officials had until the end of June to comply. He said the fines totaled less than $2,000.
According to Rideout, Garvey Processing Plant officials placed a cage around the ladder in question and implemented a hearing conservation program. Rideout said latters of over 30 feet need to have a cage around them.
“There were high noise levels and a hearing conservation program was implemented within the time-frame,” Rideout said. “They need to do noise monitoring and each year the employees need to take a hearing test. If it’s possible they need to reduce the noise.”
Rideout said he and inspectors had phone conversations with Randy McCasland of Garvey Processing.
“We do random follow-ups,” Rideout said about inspections. “They’ve done a good job of fixing the problems. They were very cooperative with both the inspector and me.”
Christi Jackson, Matt’s sister said doctors were hopeful he could begin walking in about a year in an earlier PNT article.
“Randy and some of the guys (at Garvey Processing) have talked to him (Jackson),” Jimenez said. “They said he’s been progressing well because of the physical therapy. I understand he’s able to walk, I’m not sure if it’s with the help of a walker. He was able to recover quicker than they (doctors) expected. I don’t think he would have been able to do so if he wasn’t young and in such good physical shape.”