July 14 Dora/South County News

By Charlie Carmichael

There were a few light showers again this week in the area and were all the way from Portales on to the Lea County line that I have had reports. All the way up to an inch in some locations.

Ivy Hays had a daughter and grand-daughter visit Saturday night and until noon on Monday. Her daughter is Elizabeth Ogolsby and her daughter Dawn Kennedy both of Goldsmith, Texas, came up for their school reunion in Morton, Texas on Saturday and came on over for the weekend here. They had a wonderful time. They are planning on going to the wall reunion in Goldsmith in about two weeks.

Surgery and Prayer Concerns
Joelie Cathey had surgery about two weeks ago and is home doing fine; Bill Victor had surgery for a broken hip Sunday morning and is recovering; Ernestine Carmichael, formerly of Garrison and Portales had hip surgery a couple weeks ago in Odessa and she is improving and is in rehab now before returning to her home in Andrews. I had a couple little tumbles recently — enough to have a sore muscle or so, thank God no broken bones. Mendi (Bittick) Thompson is back in the hospital again and Nancy Tivis has a light case of pneumonia.
We have senior citizens who are homebound and others in full care facilities who need our prayers, our troops here and over seas also need us to pray God’s hedge of protection around them daily. Be in special prayer for the sanctity of our marriages in America and our leaders to follow God’s leadership for our nation.

Company Coming
Dustin arrived in Houston Monday from Africa. He has completed a year there so he will be on a two-week leave. He, Tina and the kids will arrive in Portales on Tuesday morning to stay until Friday before returning to Houston. The hope to see some of their friends while here. His two weeks will be short, then back to Africa again.
Charlie Sez: All my Dora and South County items are in this one due to lack of time and hard to write with a sore arm.