July 27 Dora News

By Charlie Carmichael

Wet, Wet! Praises galore for all the rain everyone has received over the past few weeks. Just keeps getting better as the ground gets some much needed depth to the moisture. Then all these showers continuing to add more and it is finally pretty general all over so it does a lot of good.
I know some who got a wee bit of heat on Saturday and Sunday and others who have not had their air conditioners on for a few days. When I left Dora Sunday after church my car showed the temperature at 65, then about the bus stop at S. Roosevelt Road 13 on highway 202 it read 64 and I came off the hill out south it came down to 63, so it was two degrees cooler in Portales than in Dora. Sure was a nice weekend being cool for a change.

Bridal Shower
There will be a wedding shower for Julie Davis of Rogers and Brandon Dewbre of Milnesand on Aug. 21 at 2 p.m. in the Dora Community Building. Brandon is employed by the Prewetts and lives on their ranch. Julie is a graduate of Dora High School and helps her dad some in construction. Everyone is invited.

Dora Baptist Church
Pete Jones was the preacher for the morning worship services Sunday morning.
On Sunday Bro. Butch Scheneider and wife Elaine will be here for both morning and evening worship services. They and one son, Garrett, will come on Saturday for a church get-together in the afternoon, 6 p.m. for cake and ice cream. Sunday will be a covered dish luncheon following the morning worship.

Muddy Roads
There were some who did not venture out Sunday due to the roads were in such bad shape following the recent rains. Praise God for mud!

Progress Reports
Bill Victor is recovering very well following hip surgery. Nancy Tivis was taken back to Oklahoma City for tests. Keep them on your prayers daily.

To the Craigs of Dora and Elida on the recent death of Donald Craig of Alamogordo. He was raised at Elida and has brothers and nephews still in our area. May God comfort each of you.

Charlie Sez
Pray for our candidates, our troops, overseas employees, America and peace in Israel.