Dora, Floyd schools have new look at top spots

By Tony Parra

Dora and Floyd schools will have a new look to their administration this fall with changes at the top.
For Steve Barron, the new Dora principal, it’s a return to the place he calls home. Barron was the principal for kindergarten through 12th grade, athletic director and high school coach at Carrizozo High School for the last three years. Barron used to wear the purple and white for the district rival, Elida High School Tigers and graduated from Elida in 1987, but now he will be representing the red and white of Dora.
“I’m really excited to be back home,” Barron said. “I call this area (Roosevelt County) home. I expect a lot from the kids. I have high expectations. We’re going to raise the bar for them. I love the small-school atmosphere.”
Barron graduated from Eastern New Mexico University with a bachelor’s degree in physical education in 1992.
The man who hired him, Jim Reed, Dora Schools superintendent, is also glad Barron is at Dora.
“He’s a great fit here,” Reed said. “He has experience and that’s something you can’t replace. It’s tough to find someone with experience and from the area. By hiring someone from the area, we have someone who knows what’s going on.”
Barron said he has met members of the faculty and will have his first opportunity to meet the students on Aug. 12, the first day of school for Dora students.
“We will have an assembly in the morning before classes start,” Barron said. “We’re going to cover a few of the rules, expectations and discipline. I am looking forward to meeting each student. I am going to be very visible to them.”
Barron will be multi-tasking at Dora as well. He will be the athletic director and assistant girls coach. He is replacing Bill Stockton, who was the principal, athletic director and head coach for the girls basketball squad. Barron said he will be the assistant girls coach to Myra Skinner. Skinner was the head coach of the girls volleyball team and will now take over the girls basketball program, as well.
Floyd Municipal Schools’ new superintendent is Wayne McCullar.
McCullar was in meetings on Friday, according to a Floyd official, and was unable to be reached. McCullar believes in positive encouragement, according to a press release from McCullar. The press release stated that research shows that parents who scold or punish their poor performing kids only make matters work. Children perform best when parents offer positive support, but do not intervene in a negative way.
Elida students will begin their marches through the hallways of Elida schools on Aug. 11. Portales Public Schools will have new student registration on Aug. 11, 13, 16, 17, 18 and 19 and classes for grades 1-to-12 begin on Aug. 20.