Aug. 11 South County News

By Charlie Carmichael

Electrical storms accompanied the clouds in the South County area last week. It has succeeded in striking another house the past week.
Mavis Carmichael said it was so loud it woke her up and she smelled smoke but didn’t find a thing so she went back to bed. Then Weldon smelled it and got up to investigate, he didn’t find it either but thought his glasses were dirty, so he cleaned them only to see the smoky look was not his glasses. They called 911 and their daughter-in-law who had heard the call since she is a member of Causey Fire and Rescue.
She came right down and she and Hershell found a glow from under the house The lightning had struck a vent over the house and traveled it to underneath. They were using a water hose on it when the fire truck arrived. They had to cut a pretty big hole in the floor but got it out soon. They are now doing repairs to get it all back in order. They were very lucky it woke them up and they were not overcome by smoke.

The crops are exceptional all over Causey, Lingo, Milnesand, Rogers, Highway, Bluit, Garrison, Longs, Red Lake, Dora, Richland, Buffalo Soldiers Hill and Mt. Zion areas this year. Everyone farming dry or irrigated land are as happy as all local ranchers are this year, and no one seems to be complaining about too much rain, not even our local dairymen.

Chance meeting
I was letting my two great-grands, J. W. and Quintin pick out some old-time cartoons during a shopping trip Saturday when a young man came by and began to talk to us. It was Don Chapman a former Dora graduate. We had a nice time talking of the past and I did not know he has been back in Portales for some time now. His mother Zell still lives here and at one time they built and lived in the house where Jerry Siewert’s family now live.

Charlie Sez
Pray the school busses have good luck on muddy roads this week.