Aug. 18 South County News

By Charlie Carmichael

Rain and all is welcomed on the ranches. The cotton needs some hot, dry days to get things going good for maturing. The wheat is beginning to show signs of soft shells from so much moisture and there is concern it may damage their value at harvest.

Earl Parkinson passed away a few days ago. He and his wife, Wilma were long time residents on the Davis Brothers ranches in Eagle Hill and Caprock and the last several years on the Davis Ranch west of Milnesand. He loved ranching and as long as his health permitted he attended all brandings, he was an avid hunter and rarely missed domino playing on game nights. He and Wilma retired a year or so ago and moved to Portales where she still lives. He was buried in the Elida Cemetery. He is also survived by one brother in Oklahoma and several nieces and nephews. May God comfort each of you, is our prayer.

Tracy Price formerly of the Causey/Garrison area had an accident last week while returning from work. She was coming through some road construction over in Texas and evidently had a blowout or something, anyway she lost control and started rolling. She was buckled in and that caused her pelvis to be broken on both sides. She has extensive back damage and numerous other scrapes and bruises. Prayer is requested for now and through what doctors say will be a long recovery period.
Her mother is Vickie Price of Portales and her dad, Wayne Price, lives in Denton, Texas. She is a granddaughter of Weldon and Mavis Carmichae, who are still living in the Garrison area. Also her uncle and aunt, Hershell and Sherri live here also.

Elton Parkinson had knee surgery last week in Lubbock. He came home Friday and is doing real well. Keep him in your prayers also.

Charlie Sez
I’ve driven down south of Dora and around some and there is more water in area lakes than has been in years.