Aug. 22 Dora School News

There were a sweet dozen kindergarten students that started school in Dora this week. The preschoolers didn’t come until Thursday. I don’t know how many they had and it will probably increase in numbers the first week or so.
It is nice to have most of our last school year students back, and we welcome all the new faces on campus too. I don’t know just who they all are at this time but will try to get some names on them soon.

New rules
There are a few changes in the school rules — even in the cafeteria, so guess we will all get used to them together. Nothing drastic, but we do need to observe the campus changes and what goes with those changes.

New staff
Mr. Barron, principal, is here on duty and seems to be in the cafeteria every day checking and getting acquainted.
The new science teacher is Lana Powell and she is also her on top of her duties. I have not met her yet but she has been teaching in Elida High School and seems to be well liked in Dora real well.

Muddy roads
Las week one day Lela Victor got stuck on her bus route. She was late getting the kids to school, but did make it in time to help with preparing lunches. The roads are in pretty good condition, but things do happen.

Those adorable preschoolers came to school on Thursday morning all ready for their wonderful first day on the road in education. We wish each of them a wonderful year of learning, play and naps.

Charlie’s Trivia
Last week’s answer: (Answer to last week) The unofficial American holiday that is the end of summer is “Labor Day”.
This week’s trivia: Correct the 2 mistakes — “He were sure he knowed the answer.”