Christian music concert set for Wednesday

By Tony Parra

The Christian Music Show on Wednesday at the Roosevelt County Fair will give musicians an opportunity to fine-tune their skills year-round.
The Christian Music Show will take place from 5:30-7:30 p.m. on Wednesday on the concrete slab, before D. J. Chaser is scheduled to play music at 8 p.m.
Steve Davis, the Christian music show coordinator, said it will be the first year there is a Christian music show at the Roosevelt County Fair. Davis said some of the performers are the same ones who participated in the Heritage Days Festival, which took place in late June.
“This year they (fair organizers) gave me a privilege to do it and I’m tickled to do it,” Davis said. “All of these folks have been singing Christian music for years and years. The like playing Christian music and like doing things for the Lord.”
He said some of the performers also get a chance to perform in the Floyd Country Music Jamboree in early April. Davis said performers range in ages of seven to 70 years old. He said he will be responsible in making sure performers go during their designated times on Wednesday.
Davis said Linda Brown and her children will be one of the groups which will be performing at the Christian Music Show. Davis said many entertainers from around the county will be attending the event.
“I think it’s going to be a great Christian music venue,” Davis said. “It’s (the event) good for families and gives them a chance to visit with each other.”
Pat Boone, who said he has been singing for 15 years, will be another performer at the Christian Music Show. Boone said music runs deep in the family blood lines. He said his sister sang during the Heritage Days Festival and his mother was a church organist for 30 years.
“I come from a music family,” Boone said. “I picked it up kind of late. The main reason I started to sing was simply because I has a strong faith. I hope that through Christian music my words are going to touch someone and be a blessing to those with faith or be a spark for those to be strong in faith.”
Boone has lived in Elida for 31 years. His daughter Sarah graduated from ENMU in May and his son, Pat Boone V (a.k.a. Cinco) is attending ENMU.