Aug. 25 South County News

By Charlie Carmichael

Boy, muddy roads are still staying muddy with rains again, even Saturday night over an inch of rain fell in the Pep area. I don’t know just how much area has received more this past week.
Some people had a little problems getting out for church services in the area Sunday, but still no gripes, only smiles and jokes or wisecracks about the nice moisture.
I drove down in the area some on Saturday afternoon as I returned from Lubbock and was surprised at the weeds closing in on rural dirt roads and little gullies washed across some farmland. I have never seen it greener or more beautiful.

Prayer Report
Tracey Price is improving following her recent wreck and surgery. She was in excellent spirits when I visited her on Saturday afternoon in Covenant Hospital in Lubbock.
Kathy Carmichael is much improved also and got to come home Sunday from Covenant in Lubbock.
Elton Parkinson is still doing fine following knee replacement.
Bill Victor is improving well, he had a real good week.
There are many who need our prayers who are sick or have other problems. Let’s remember them and all who are in the area care facilities here and in Texas. Also for those who have lost loved ones in accidents, sickness or in the services of our country.

Charlie Sez
Forget self and think of the needs of others. Try this everyday for a week and you will be surprised at the results. (By Peale)