Pig chase draws crowd

By Laurie Stone

The chase was on at the Roosevelt County Fair Wednesday evening as children stomped, trampled and ran after the bow on a pig’s neck.
Capturing the bow from the squealing pig would grant five children, from different age groups, a trophy and bragging rights at school the following day.
Every year Roosevelt County 4-H sponsors the pig chase event in order to bring opportunity to each family member attending the activities at the fair. There are five age categories for those entering the pig chase; Pre-K, 5-year-old, 6-year-old, 7-year-old, and 8-year-old.
Roosevelt County 4-H Agent Patrick Kircher said the chase has always had a great turnout and people look forward to it each year.
“I enjoy watching the kids try hard to get the pig,” Kircher said, “then it barely gets away from them.”
Memories were made for some of the local winners such as cousins Clay Lee, eight, and Zachary Turner, five. Both went home with trophies. Turner described this event as being difficult, saying, “it was hard chasing the pig because it was fast and I was slow.”
Since Lee had competed in the pig chase before, he said chasing after the pig was easy. He valued his victory, since this was the last time he would be eligible for the pig chase because of his age.
There is no experience needed to attempt this event, as Dalton Thatcher proved. The first-timer took home a trophy from the Pre-K category. His mother, Terri Thatcher, said Dalton “loves to compete and get dirty — therefore, he had been looking forward to this event all day.”