Most enjoy Roosevelt County Fair

By Laurie Stone

This year’s Roosevelt County Fair seems to be going off without a hitch. For many, this is a time of year when family and friends can come together and enjoy themselves no matter what their interests are. The fair has a little bit of everything for each personality and character no matter how you behave at home.
“I like coming out to the fair because I like to see all the different kinds of people that come out,” Patricia Dawson said. Her daughter Lindsey, age six, said she loves the rides.
Cody Paiz said the tasty tators were his favorite part of the fair. He also mentioned that combining a funnel cake and a snow cone was not a wise idea, due to the mixing of the sweet flavors.
Heather Stroud, 14, was selling refreshments to raise money for the Portales High School Band, but she also took time to enjoy the fair.
“It’s a blast, it’s fun being out here with all the people,” Stroud said.
For Lauren Purcell and her family of five, the main reason to visit the fair was to see the livestock.
“I was raised on a farm so I’ve seen all kinds of animals,” Purcell said, “but since my family lives in the city, my children aren’t able to see all the different kinds of animals unless we come to the fair.”
Because of scheduling, this year’s fair ran during the school semester, causing long mornings and afternoons for students tending their animals during the day.
Jordan Tivis, 12, said, “This year’s fair was fine but we need to set it back next year so school will not be in the way. There’s no one here to dance with at night and no one to play with during the day.”