Sept. 22 South County News

By Charlie Carmichael

Showers fell Sunday over most of this area. There was just over half inch at Milnesand, but only showers other places.
There was almost two inches that fell on Weldon and Hershell Carmichael areas and on over in Texas in the Maple area. No hail or damage was reported anywhere that I know of.

There were antelope hunters in the Milnesand and area over the weekend. Several stayed overnight in the area so they could get more time in at hunting. I don’t know who was successful and who was not.

Tracey Price was dismissed from the Covenant Hospital in Lubbock last week and is recuperating in Portales in the home of her brother, Travis, and his wife.

Van Damage
The hurricanes keep pounding the east coast and it seems each one is more destructive. Volita Killgore has a granddaughters in Florida and Virginia. There were from the Richland area and J. W. Carmichael Jr. is too. He left New Orleans last Monday when Ivan was coming to the center of New Orleans.
However, it changed course the afternoon before coming in during the night. He didn’t return from his brother Bob’s in Commerce until after it passed. He rode one out in the 80s with some students at Xavier University because they had no way to leave. They gathered up in an upper room in the science building. He didn’t want to ever be in another. They were lucky since New Orleans is below sea level, and was feared the city would be up to 20 ft. under water. Others to the east were not so fortunate.

Charlie Sez
We may choke on dust or loose crops to wind storms, but I am thankful I don’t still live where tornados come often.