Sept. 29 Dora/South County News

By Charlie Carmichael

Rain and more rain the past week. There are signs on the road north of Dora, 2 to 4 miles that warns of water on the highway. The fields look water soaked in the area. All of the area west of Donald Massey’s home looks like a big lake. Still don’t hear any complaints about too much rain, just praises. More than 7 inches fell southeast of the old Garrison store the past few days. That’s the most reported.

Roads muddy
One drawback to the rain is that some dirt roads are getting hard to travel. Kathleen Taylor said she got her rig stuck on their road and there were several that didn’t try to make it out on Sunday for Church.

Praises and prayer support
Tracey Price continues to improve; Bill Victor still improving; Ivy Hays at daughter’s for now; there are five cancer patients in chemo; Kristi Ledbetter is still facing a kidney transplant; Mendi Thompson has more problems and families of those killed in accidents.

Special Needs
Unity and love in our churches; our service men and women everywhere; our school students and teaching staff; bus drivers as they transport kids and our Nation and World leaders for peace.

Fall food month
This coming month, October is the food round up time for the Children’s Homes and we need to also remember the needs of the people in Florida who have suffered so much recently from Charlie, Ivan, Frances and Jeannie; all in the past few weeks. Remember Ivan divided and lashed back again destroying what was weakened by previous bashings.

Crops are beautiful but need some sunshine and more time to mature.

Dora Fire Department
Congratulations are in order to our local unit for their success and receiving such a nice grant from the state for accomplishments and a job well done. So, if you see any of our Fire and Rescue team tell them how much they are appreciated.

Charlie Sez
Did you know, popcorn pops because water is stored in a small circle of soft starch in each kernel. At the corn is heated and the water forms steam, the pressure finally explodes the kernel to many times its original volume.