Oct. 6 Dora News

By Charlie Carmichael

I just don’t know how it’s possible the dry land milo and hay crops are changing so fast. Just last weekend the milo heads were barely turning a little colored and now some of the fields are so reddish and all is maturing so fast. The hay fields are so thick and lush it will be heavenly for the animals in hay.

Just want all our Dora people and all friends to know that Bill Field is now in the Bee Hive Home in Portales. So when you can, he would love visitors.
Pat Simnacher is doing fine now and his mother said he would love to hear from some of his school chums and friends. His address is 9714 NW 10th, Lot 245; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73127. His doctor told him to walk a lot and he now is walking one-and-a-half miles a day.
Ivy Wall Hays is doing great. Mary Blakely talked to her on Saturday and I called her Sunday afternoon. She is doing fine. She is much better with her new hip and said to thank everyone for the cards, calls and letters.

Nicolas Urias, the 2-year-old grandson of Irene and Merced is now cancer free, following a bone marrow transplant.

Prayer concerns
Continue to pray for all our full care people and cancer patients on our list. Those awaiting surgery and other needs.
Special prayers for those who have recently lost loved ones and for our troops who are so faithfully serving where needed.

National needs
Prayer and fasting for our leaders and the election coming soon. For God to lead us to vote this time. Every vote is needed. I wand to urge you to register if you are not already.

Charlie Sez
If you don’t exercise your right to vote, then you don’t have a right to gripe!