Group seeks donations for garage sale

By Laurie Stone

Debbie Pullman, the on-site manager at the Ruth Visage Apartments, located on W. Fir St., is seeking donations for their upcoming garage sale. The money earned will be used to purchase pictures, curtains and benches for the building.
The apartment complex is owned by the Eastern Plains Council of Government, a nonprofit organization that assists families and individuals with low income.
At the Ruth Visage Apartments, the tenants are either elderly or disabled.
During one of their monthly gatherings, the tenants opted to give back to their establishment by raising money, in garage sales, to decorate and add to the building’s furnishings.
In September, the tenants had their first garage sale raising $132.00 which they used to purchase a charbroiler for the apartment complex.
“We have a community of people that are very upbeat,” said Pullman. “We’re more like a family than neighboring residents.”
Pullman said the garage sale was good experience for her tenants because it helps to give them a sense of accomplishment.
Sophie Chaves, a tenant at Ruth Visage Apartments, was the manager of Jerry’s Restaurant in Clovis before she had a stroke causing her to be disabled, which brought her to Portales to live in the apartments.
She said their last garage sale was enjoyable.
“I like being around people and the garage sale gave me an opportunity to interact with others,” Chaves said.
The tenants of Ruth Visage Apartments are seeking donations to be used in their Nov. 6 garage sale. Their tentative goal is to have a garage sale every four months.
To donate items for this garage sale to benefit the residents at the Ruth Visage Apartments, contact Debbie Pullman at 356-6555.
“It’s a good idea to have these because it makes us feel like we’re contributing to the building rather than having something handed to us,” said Chaves.