CAFB captures award for air combat command

PNT Staff

Cannon Air Force Base has won the Commander-in-Chief’s 2005 Installation Excellence Award for Air Combat Command, according to a Cannon news release.
The award recognizes efforts of airmen at Department of Defense installations who have most efficiently used their resources to support the mission, the release said. The award comes with $100,000 to be used for quality-of life improvements.
“Our goal is to be the best at fixing and flying jets; you don’t get there without every agency on base contributing their best effort,” said Col. John Posner, 27th Fighter Wing commander.
Capt. Andre Kok of Cannon’s public affairs office said a representative from each of the Air Force’s nine major commands received the award.
“That allows us to now compete for the Air Force level, then the Air Force goes up against the other four (military) services,” Kok said. “So we’ve won (at) the first of three levels.”
Kok said the base will be allowed to spend its prize money “basically on anything that can be categorized as qualify of life — to improve facilities or improve the quality of life for the airmen stationed at Cannon.”
He said Col. Posner will ultimately decide what to do with the money.
For nomination, the base had to show innovative programs that help create and sustain excellent base operations, the news release said. Cannon submitted reports on accomplishments that included:
l work environment
l quality of life
l productivity of the work force
l customer satisfaction and customer service
l communication and team problem solving
l unit cohesiveness and outstanding individual efforts
l environmental safety.
Kok said he did not know when the next round of awards will be announced.
The Department of Defense Web site says a single award is presented to each service at a ceremony held at the Pentagon during May each year.
“This award recognizes demonstrated excellence in overall management throughout DOD,” according to the DOD Web site.