Rodgers sentenced to correctional facility

PNT Staff

District Judge Joe Parker sentenced Tiffany Rodgers on Thursday to serve 19 months of house arrest in a women’s correctional facility for a probation violation.
Ninth Judicial District Senior Trial Prosecutor Donna Mowrer said on Friday Rodgers pled guilty to a probation violation and Parker sentenced her to serve the rest of her time, which is until June of 2006, in a women’s correctional facility in Grants.
Rodgers committed her probation violation on Sept. 10 in Lea County. Officials said she was in a vehicle with a man she was not supposed to associated with, according to the terms of her probation. According to her probation, she was only to leave the house to attend work or church.
“She did it, she admitted she did it and the judge sentenced her,” Mowrer said on Friday. “I think it was the appropriate sentence.”
Rodgers, 21, was convicted last summer in connection with the death of 15-year-old Matt Foley. She was sentenced to six months in the Roosevelt County Detention Center (the sentence was later transferred to the Lea County Detenton Center), followed by 2 1/2 years of house arrest.