Portales receiving second Dollar General store

By Tony Parra

Discount store executives looked at Portales as a market to bring in their stores and in January the second Dollar General store will go up within the last 11 months.
The new Dollar General store will be located at 1015 W. 2nd Street by the Movie Gallery video store some time in January, according to a Dollar General representative.
Michael Burns, store manager of the Dollar General located on 701 S. Ave. C., said he helped in the set up of the Dollar General store on N. Prince, the 7,000th store to open in the United States.
Burns said the Dollar General store he worked at in Clovis opened in July and he transferred to the Portales Dollar General store in the first week of October. The Dollar General store currently in operation in Portales opened up in mid-March and is a relatively new store.
According to Burns, the company is currently looking for applicants for management positions in the new store and will be advertising for positions. Burns said the company will hire a set-up crew and pick out the best crew members for positions in the store.
“We’ve had a lot of success, especially lately with Christmas around the corner,” Burns said. “They (Dollar General officials) saw in Portales the ability for growth and the potential that’s why they decided to have two stores.”
On Wednesday, customers asked Burns if the Dollar General on 701 S. Ave. C was going to close down and if the employees were going to move into the new Dollar General under construction. Burns said he’s heard stories of that sort, but said they’re untrue and there will have two stores open in Portales.
“The new store will offer convenience to those who are living in that part of Portales,” Burns said. “It will also be within walking distance for college students.”
Both Dollar General stores will offer what Burns called “healthy competition” for other low price stores such as Quality Sales and the Family Dollar store, which has been in operation for more than five years.
“The Dollar General customers are the same customers that go into Family Dollar stores,” James Wilson, District Manager for west Texas and eastern New Mexico area Family Dollar stores, said. “We target ourselves for the middle class shopper.”
Wilson said there have been 500 new Family Dollar stores opened in the United States this year. Family Dollar has more than 5,500 stores in 44 states while the Dollar General chain has more than 7,000 stores in 30 states. There are 16 Dollar Generals in New Mexico and 875 in Texas.
The first Family Dollar store opened 45 years ago, while the first Dollar General store opened 49 years ago.