Hospital addition to be complete soon

By Tony Parra

The Roosevelt General hospital officials addressed medical concerns in the county such as the time-frame on the new medical office building addition, flu shots and hiring guidelines for nurses in Thursday’s RGH board meeting.
The medical staff located in the medical office building will be making their move into the addition of the medical office building, which is located in behind the medical office building. James D’Agostino said the medical staff is scheduled to move into the new addition the weekend after Thanksgiving.
D’Agostino said the medical office building addition is 74 percent complete and the plan is for it to be completed by the end of February. He said construction crews will work on the remodeling of the front part of the building to finish the project. He said the addition will double the size of the medical office building.
D’Agostino also presented the board members with information regarding the time it takes to fill a position in the medical field. The specialty which takes the longest to fill is cardiology. According to a report from Delta Medical Consulting Web site, it takes an average of 183 days to fill a cardiology position.
In other business at the meeting:
— Carol Rueter, Director of Patient Care, also answered concerns from Terry Cone, Roosevelt General Hospital board member, stemming from charges on a Clovis woman who was arrested on Friday on charges she forged nurse licenses and embezzled from one of her employers.
Jennifer Jenwah King, 33, is accused of embezzling $907 from La Casa Family Health Center and working as a nurse without a license and providing two healthcare facilities with fraudulent nurse’s licenses.
Cone asked what measures Rueter and the nursing department goes through to make sure this type of incident doesn’t happen at Roosevelt General Hospital.
“I go onto a board of nursing Web site and I can immediately check their information and (view) their licenses,” Rueter said. “I’m not sure how something like that would happen.”
— Rueter also reported RGH has 50 doses of flu shots and at one point had 300 doses. Unfortunately, she said they have had to turn people away.
“Hopefully we’ll get more,” Rueter said. “We’ve been bombarded with requests. It’s been sad to have to turn people away.”
Rueter said Gov. Bill Richardson has strict requirements in place for giving out flu shots and those requesting it must follow requirements, such as infants and elderly.
“We’ve given flu shots to a lot of elderly and home-bound patients,” Rueter said. “Gov. Richardson said those hospitals not following the guidelines will be fined. The state is looking to get doses from other states.”
She said the department saw 776 patients and the cardiac rehab department saw 12 patients, which she said is growing immensely.
— Kevin Ramage, Chief Financial Officer for Roosevelt General Hospital, said the hospital saw an average of 7.8 patients per day in October.