Nov. 24 South County News

By Charlie Carmichael

The Milnesand Community had an abundance of food for their Thanksgiving feast last Monday evening. No one will ever argue with you that the Milnesand, Causey, Rogers, Pep and Dora communities have super cooks. These ladies have all been taught “from scratch,” not from boxes or cans. Now I did not say we never use things from boxes or cans for dishes. Our policy is “cook what you can with what you have for your family’s food today.”

Postmaster meetings
Barbara Teel wanted to attend the end of year meeting in Raids this past week, so her husband, Wiley took her. She is hoping to be back on the job soon at Milnesand Post Office and Country Junction store.
Lillie Bell Toombs of the Pep office was unable to get out on their muddy roads to accompany those going from the area. However, Susan Parker went to Ruidoso from the Dora office.
A week or so ago Kay Davis went to Albuquerque for a meeting for the class of office of the one at Rogers with more routes.
Valarie Watson worked as the assistant at Pep several days while Lillie Bell was unable to get over the roads.

Still at a delay waiting for sunshine and dry days. There are still a lot of acres of hay cut but they are not bailed due to the rains.The milo and cotton are also on hold as well as a few peanuts.